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These are some of the books and websites that I recommend to my patients. I have added some personal comments to several of them, but this does not mean that I endorse them.  You must use your own judgment when buying or using any service or product, even my own books, CDs and programs.

Weight Watchers. One the oldest and still one of the best programs.

Overeaters Anonymous. Also one of the best programs. “Hi, my name is Larry.”

“Supersize Me,” a video by Morgan Spurlock.  Now I know why we shouldn’t eat at fast food restaurants. Truly eye opening.

“You On A Diet,” by Dr. Oz.  A great book, but he must have read mine before he wrote his. Actually, both of our books take the same approach and this is one book I recommend highly.

“Fatland” by Greg Critser. A very educational account of “how Americans became the Fattest People in the World.” Humm, did he see a picture of me in my swimsuit?

If you have other books, CDs, or videos that you think we should help others to become aware of, please let me know. I will review them and if appropriate add to this list.




Wear out, use up or don’t buy

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